In case you missed it, interVivos is hosting its first community engagement event in over three years! On May 11th, we’re saying thank u, next to gender-based pandemic roadblocks, and thank u, yes, to Edmonton-made solutions. 

Sarah Chan is our emcee for the evening. She was a natural fit for the role. Her love of mentorship and community advocacy made it a no-brainer for us.

Before the event kicks off, we are sharing Sarah’s perspective on the shifts taking place around us. Everything from work and life to friendships and community — we know she has a lot to share that we as a community can learn from. 

Sarah is a musician, yoga advocate, and community thought leader. She is also the Community Engagement & Relationships Lead with the Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP). AMP is a network of community mentoring agencies, government, and leaders working together to raise the profile of mentoring in Alberta. 

interVivos recently became a partner with AMP. This was due in large part to Sarah’s encouragement to join. 

Mentorship is a big part of our work here at interVivos. Our next mentorship program will be launching this summer…in person! Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get back to sharing Sarah’s reflections. 

Rediscovering skills

The last two years have been one of crisis for many, but some positives have managed to emerge. “I have worked from home running my music studio for many years [but] one of the big changes [for me] was teaching music virtually,” Sarah shares. “It was great to realize how effective and convenient it could be. I rediscovered a lot of skills I had developed while teaching group music classes in my twenties.”

Strengthening relationships that matter most

Building and maintaining networks during the pandemic have also proven to be a challenge.  When reflecting on her friendships, Sarah says “I am an extrovert by nature, but it turns out I really, really enjoy my own company too! There was a lot of chatter about editing friendships because of the shift. I am proud to report that the people in my circle of supportive friends are now even stronger than ever.”

Being intentional

Sarah also talks about how the pandemic forced her to be intentional. “We had to really reflect on what was or wasn’t working both at work and socially. Seeing friends had to be very structured. We had to seek consent constantly! It was a great time for reflection”. 

The interVivos team feels so encouraged to see that community connection can continue to grow — even prosper — despite obstacles with meeting in person.

Earlier this week, we held a dress rehearsal for the event with Sarah. She was so upbeat and positive. We’ve been so focused on planning the event that we haven’t taken much time to breathe and celebrate success. She reminded us of the importance of being patient and accepting that mistakes happen. 

thank u, next will be interVivos’ fourth virtual event during the pandemic. Thanks to the support of community leaders like Sarah, we’ve been able to strengthen our non-profit and inspire more Edmontonians.

Join Sarah and other community leaders on May 11th as we say thank u, next, and move forward together as a community. Tickets are available here. If you can’t join us, check out the blog for sharings from the event or follow the event hashtag #ThankUNextYeg.


Tickets are on sale until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11th. Purchase your ticket(s) here. If you have missed the cut-off and want to attend, email as soon as possible.

Topics of discussion

We sought input and invited Edmontonians to share their feedback on the pandemic and its effects on women and gender-diverse people. Click here to find out more.

Over 50 diverse Edmontonians participated in the anonymous survey. Five topics were identified that our community would be most interested in discussing: 

Thank you to those who participated and shared your opinions. Thank you to Doughnut Party for providing some prizes.

Ground rules

interVivos is a non-partisan nonprofit organization. We understand that many attendees may have opposing viewpoints and discussions may become heated. We ask that all attendees remain respectful of one another.

We want to create a safe space for brave conversations. Here are some understandings that we’d like to set in preparation for the event:

  • Patience and compassion for yourself and others
  • Respect for everyone in the room
  • Listen to understand rather than to respond
  • Embrace ambiguity
  • Challenge your own assumptions
  • Speak honestly and with intention
  • What we share in the group stays in the group
  • Expect unfinished business

Meet our emcee

Sarah Chan 

Pronouns: She/Her


Twitter and Instagram: @albertamentors @misssarahchan


Sarah is a thoughtful and charismatic leader gifted in building community connectivity. Currently, she works as the Community Engagement and Relationships Lead at Alberta Mentoring Partnership. She’s also a musician, small business owner, social advocate, and parent. Sarah credits the pandemic with allowing her to edit her life and become more mindful. She also knows first-hand the delicate balancing act of homeschooling and working remotely. Several years ago, Sarah was a speaker at an interVivos event focused on women. We are pleased to have her as our emcee for thank u, next.

Meet our speakers

Cynthia Decore

Pronouns: They/Them or She/Her

Instagram: @DisabledDiscourse

Cynthia Decore is a writer and advocate with a passion for social change. They are disabled, neurodivergent, queer, and non-binary. During the pandemic, they’ve felt inspired by the collective care networks within the disability community working together to protect those who are marginalized or vulnerable. Cynthia will be leading the discussion about a topic that is top of mind for many Edmontonians: access to healthy and safe spaces.

Elli McDine

Pronouns: She/ Her

Twitter: @fashionableELLI


Elli is the Director of Member Journey Transformation at the Alberta Motor Association. Living through the pandemic allowed her to connect with her authentic self and experiment playfully with her gender expression. She recently came out as a transgender woman and discovered a life of joy, community, and creativity. Elli will be leading an impactful discussion about growing your career in the face of uncertainty.

Funke Olokude

Pronouns: She/Her

Instagram: @funkyloks1


Funke is the Executive Director at Ribbon Rouge Foundation and a Top 40 Under 40 award recipient. She is energetic, innovative and cares deeply about the ​​well-being of her community. The pandemic allowed her to rediscover what is most important as we journey through life: relationships. Funke will be leading our breakout discussion on championing diversity and allyship in a post-pandemic world.

Odion Welch

Pronouns: She/Her


Instagram: @odionwelch


Odion is a Mental Health Coordinator at the Africa Centre. As a former interVivos protégé, she is driven to show the next generation that they can become the person they needed growing up. The pandemic encouraged Odion to create boundaries that support her goals and mental well-being. She will be bringing her expertise to our virtual table and leading the discussion about mental health. 

Soni Dasmohapatra

Pronouns: She/Her

Instagram: @lunarwomb0


Soni is a strategic planner, project manager, facilitator, and creative leader. Her Edmonton-based business, Lunar Womb, focuses on health promotion and wellbeing. The pandemic taught her to live in the moment and enjoy the present. As a mother of three, Soni knows the importance of balance and self-care. She is also a former interVivos protégé and mentor. She will be leading our discussion on work-life effectiveness and setting boundaries.

Event flow

Time Activity
Zoom waiting room opens
Opening comments and speaker intros
Getting to know you
Breakout room discussions with speakers
Breakout room discussions with speakers
8:35-8:40 Door prizes
“Thinking canvas”
Closing comments

Event sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

Presenting Sponsor: Park Power

Event Sponsors: pipikwan pêhtâkwanRuby Gorgeous Salonthe bamboo ballroomThe CommonToken BittersMock-Ups MocktailsPieter deVos Consulting, and Doughnut Party.


Why is interVivos organizing thank u, next? We’re saying thank u, next to all the gender-based pandemic roadblocks, and thank u, yes, to Edmonton-made solutions. 

thank u, next will allow attendees to interact with local experts about the unique struggles women and gender-diverse people have faced during the pandemic. Work-life effectiveness, mental health, career growth, unpaid labour – it’s time to discuss these realities and use community wisdom to come up with practical solutions.

Buy your tickets now!


When did interVivos organize last organize an event like this? Before the pandemic!  thank u, next is our first community engagement event in over three years.

We’ve not been idle, though! Instead, we’ve organized three virtual mentorship programs during the pandemic and focused on developing some behind-the-scenes things like a new strategic plan, our 15th anniversary, and building awareness of the critical issues in the community, such as allyship.


Do I have to live in Edmonton to participate in the event? It is recommended but not required. While this is a virtual experience, interVivos is an Edmonton-based nonprofit, and our events and programs are focused on supporting our community. Some of the conversations may have a local focus, but will still be applicable to attendees participating from other places.


How did we determine the topics being discussed at the event? In April 2022, we sought input and invited Edmontonians to share feedback and perspectives on the pandemic and its effects on women and gender-diverse people. Click here to find out more.

Over 50 diverse Edmontonians participated in the anonymous survey. In addition, the survey was advertised on social media, in our newsletter, and on our website. 

Based on the feedback from the survey, six topics were identified that our community would be most interested in discussing: 

  • Mental health impacts (31%)
  • Work-life effectiveness & setting boundaries (25%)
  • Growing a career in the face of uncertainty (12%)
  • Championing diversity & allyship (12%)
  • Access to healthy safe spaces (10%)
  • Equal partnerships & unpaid work (6%)
  • Financial impacts (4%)

For the sake of time at the event on May 11, 2022, we will only be discussing the top 5 issues. Thank you to those who participated and shared your opinions. Thank you to Doughnut Party for providing some prizes.


Are all genders invited? All genders are welcome to attend. interVivos is fiercely non-partisan, and diversity has always been one of our values.  We recognize the importance of diversity and strive to create a sense of belonging among all whom we engage with. 

In particular, men who attend the event can learn more about how to support their female and gender-diverse peers. Click here to read the reflections of a male attendee who attended our event focused on #metoo and #timesup a few years ago.


Is the event a safe space? The virtual event will provide an atmosphere unlike your typical Zoom event. Small breakout sessions will allow participants with similar challenges to connect directly with local experts and each other. The discussions in the small groups will be confidential and not recorded. Attendees will be asked to agree to a number of ground rules, including confidentiality.


How did you find the volunteer speakers?  Speakers were recommended by participants of the community survey, our board members, advisors, and former mentors. They’re diverse and were picked with an intersectional lens. They are community leaders, thinkers, and high achievers.


Why is there a cost to the event? We are a volunteer-run nonprofit. Attendees will pay a small fee to keep our operating expenses low and our events and programs affordable for all Edmontonians. For each event or program, interVivos uses a portion of revenue to offer no-cost spots to diverse community organizations.  

Typically, interVivos charges people $20 to participate in a community engagement event. However, we are hardly in a typical time, and the virtual event’s price reflects the economic reality. interVivos is proud to provide tickets on a sliding scale of either $5, $10, or $15 to allow you to pay what you can. If you would like a reduced ticket price, please contact us at

Buy your tickets now.


How can you stay involved if you can’t come to the event?

interVivos is always up to something. Please visit our website at You can also sign up for our mailing list here:

We are also quite active on our social media channels:

Follow our hashtag to participate in the conversation online: #ThankUNextYeg


Have other questions? 

Drop us a line at

interVivos is hosting our first community engagement event in 3 years on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, from 7-9 pm MST.  This virtual event is dedicated to shining a light on the hidden, gender-based impacts of the pandemic and coming together to develop inclusive and practical solutions.

Don’t miss out on thank u, next. Purchase your tickets here.

Our board of directors is still concerned about everyone’s safety, so we will be hosting the event on Zoom. But this won’t be your typical Zoom meeting—we’ll work in smaller groups to interact and connect closely with local experts.

As everything in Edmonton starts to get back to a “new normal,” we’re saying thank u, next to all the gender-based pandemic roadblocks, and thank u, yes to practical community-based solutions. That’s where you come in!

Together, we will look at some of the biggest challenges women and gender-diverse people face, as voted by you in our recent survey. Based on the feedback from the survey, six topics were identified that our community would be most interested in tackling: 

  • Mental health impacts (31%)
  • Work-life effectiveness & setting boundaries (25%)
  • Growing a career in the face of uncertainty (12%)
  • Championing diversity & allyship (12%)
  • Access to healthy and safe spaces (10%)
  • Equal partnerships & unpaid work (6%)
  • Financial impacts (4%)

For the sake of time at the event on May 11, 2022, we will only be discussing the top 5 issues. We will use community wisdom during the event to face and overcome these challenges.

Emcee: Sarah Chan (She/Her), Community Engagement & Relationships Lead, Alberta Mentoring Partnership


 interVivos strives to make its events accessible to everyone. All genders are welcome.  Limited tickets are available for this event, as interVivos is committed to delivering an experience where everyone has an opportunity to connect, reflect and share. (Or just listen if that’s more your style.)

Tickets are available for $5, $10, and $15. Attendees are encouraged to pick a price that suits their circumstances. All proceeds are reinvested in our programs and events. If you would like a reduced ticket price, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you (virtually, of course) on May 11 and hearing your voice in our chats.

Don’t miss out on the event thank u, next. Purchase your tickets here.


If you have questions about this event, please take a look at our thank u, next FAQS.

Be sure to check us out on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, and Twitter) to stay updated on interVivos and find out more about our upcoming events. Feel free to drop us a line at with any questions. 

Event sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

Presenting Sponsor: Park Power

Event Sponsors: pipikwan pêhtâkwanRuby Gorgeous Salonthe bamboo ballroomThe CommonToken BittersMock-Ups MocktailsPieter deVos Consulting, and Doughnut Party.

Take part in this short survey by April 20 at 11:30 pm to help us plan our discussion. Your responses will help us create an event that best serves women and gender-diverse Edmontonians.

Beyond the epidemiological effects, the pandemic has impacted people and groups differently. While the pandemic has negatively affected everyone, we know that women and gender-diverse people have been uniquely impacted. 

“Across every sphere, from health to the economy, security to social protection, the impacts of COVID-19 are exacerbated for women and girls simply by virtue of their sex,” says a United Nations policy brief. The limited gains made in the past decades are at risk of being rolled back.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has echoed this statement: “These disproportionate impacts could have long-term and far-reaching consequences. If we are to restore momentum in our efforts to bring about gender equality in Canada, social and economic recovery efforts must take a feminist approach.”

As a women-led organization, here are some facts that stand out to us:

The pandemic circumstances intensify inequalities related to gender, and other factors, such as economic status, race, culture, language, and other intersecting elements of our identities. It is important to understand the intersectional gendered implications of the pandemic. 

This spring, interVivos is putting together an event to discuss the problems and develop solutions. 

Take part in this short survey by April 20 at 11:30 pm to help us plan our discussion. Your responses will help us create an event that best serves women and gender-diverse Edmontonians.

interVivos appreciates you taking 5 minutes out of your day to complete this survey. We will be sending gift cards for coffees and doughnuts donated by queer-owned business Doughnut Party to two people who complete the survey. The winners will be chosen randomly.

Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) or join our mailing list so you don’t miss your chance to register for this event.  

Questions? Please email us:

interVivos is celebrating its 15th anniversary! Since 2006, our mentorship programs and community engagement events have brought together thousands of people from all walks of life.

To celebrate our big 15th, we’re sharing 15 facts that you didn’t know about interVivos. (Or maybe you did. Either way, let’s get started!)

1. We are championed by women.

The interVivos board is comprised of five, mostly BIPOC, women. We all come from various backgrounds and industries and are deeply passionate about inspiring and engaging Edmontonians. We are supported by two unpaid interns. Learn more about our current board members and interns here

2. We have had over 100 sponsors. 

Financial and in-kind support from local businesses helps us run our events, gives people access to our programs, and so much more! A big shout-out goes to longtime sponsors: Park Power, RSM Canada, Doughnut Party, VSM Photo, The Common, Evolution Wonderlounge, and Incite. We couldn’t do it without you!

Looking for a way to share your brand that also fosters leadership and mentorship? Partner with interVivos as a sponsor.

3. The pandemic did not stop us.

In fact, it reinvigorated us. While we’ve been stuck at home, the interVivos board has been using this time to develop more mentorship programs and resources. 

When the pandemic hit Alberta in March 2020, we quickly pivoted and launched three virtual mentorship programs. We have supported 66 mentors and protégés during the pandemic. Find out more.

4. We are 100% volunteer-run.

People are often surprised to learn that interVivos has no paid staff. Instead, our programs and events are made possible through the hard work of our volunteer board. Many volunteer hours go into producing and running our programs and events for Edmontonians. Learn more about our work behind the scenes. 

5. We have a mascot.

Meet Peg, the interVivos mascot. Peg uses gender-neutral pronouns, is shaped like a board game piece, and represents the first “i” in interVivos. 

6. We are advised by a number of Edmonton’s established leaders. 

interVivos advisors donate their time to help us make an impact in the community. In addition, they provide guidance and support in areas like strategic planning and community engagement.

Current advisors are:

Shout out to long-term advisor and former Deputy Prime Minister, The Honourable Anne McLellan who recently stepped down. 

7. Our events rock!

While many know us for our mentorship programs, interVivos also offers non-partisan community engagement events that focus on issues that matter to Edmontonians. These topics range from election discussions to gender equality, pipelines to community leadership

Edmonton, we can’t wait to be together in person again when it’s safe for everyone. So keep an eye out for interVivos events and programs in 2022!

8. We partner with other nonprofits.

interVivos has collaborated with other nonprofits to deliver our programs and events. For example, we partnered with the Edmonton Heritage Council to pilot a mentorship program for heritage-sector professionals. 

We have also partnered with national nonprofit Apathy is Boring to offer over 200 Edmontonians an exciting non-partisan federal election viewing party and an evening of drag at Evolution Wonderlounge.

Interested in partnering with us? Get in touch at

9. We are lighting up the bridge!

Edmonton’s High Level Bridge will be lit up in the interVivos colours black, white, and red on the morning and evening of Wednesday, November 24, 2021. This is one of the ways interVivos is celebrating all that we’ve done for Edmonton over the last 15 years. 

Come join in the celebrations (from a safe distance). Take a selfie with the bridge, tag us on social media, and use #interVivos15. We’d love to see and share your pictures. 

10. We have connected over 700 mentors and protégés.

interVivos has been organizing mentorship programs in Edmonton since 2006. While some people look to mentorship for career development, our program focuses on the importance of a reciprocal relationship between mentors and protégés.

interVivos mentors and protégés have worked on various things, such as personal growth and development, leadership, workplace challenges, career changes, building networks, questioning comfort zones, and work-life effectiveness. Find out more.

11. We are always looking for new mentors.

interVivos is always looking to amplify diverse voices and showcase the impressive people in the community. Our volunteer mentors are highly sought after and come from various backgrounds, careers, and perspectives. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor in 2022, email us at

12. We amplify women and BIPOC mentors.

We believe in taking proactive and purposeful action to ensure that different voices are heard, included, supported, and amplified. This action will help to increase the diversity of the leadership teams who will become our future decision-makers. 

interVivos was over the moon to host its first all-female mentorship program in Summer 2019. We also know the importance of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (or BIPOC) mentors, which is why we hosted a program with exclusively BIPOC mentors in Fall 2020.

13. We support local. 

interVivos always looks for opportunities to support our community whenever we can. Local businesses innately have a better understanding of the community and its people. The customer service experience is much more personalized and attentive. That’s why we love to support local

Check out our favourite Edmonton businesses to shop at this fall and splurge on over the holiday season.

14. You can intern with us.

interVivos has participated in several internship programs over the past 15 years. Many of our interns have stayed on with the organization for longer board terms. Currently, we have two fantastic unpaid interns, Janette and Lauren. Meet them here.

We are always looking to collaborate with new programs interested in finding placements for students and youth. Drop us a line if you would like to be an intern with us or if you are looking for placement opportunities for your organization.

15. We just launched a quarterly newsletter.

interVivos is always up to something, and we want Edmontonians to know about it. That’s why we launched our community e-newsletter this month.

Subscribe now to find out what’s on the go at interVivos. Read stories about our programs and get inspired by what we’re doing to engage our vibrant #YEG community.  

A humble request: A donation of $15.00 in celebration of our special anniversary means that we can continue cultivating, engaging, and mentoring Edmontonians. Thank you for your birthday gift that will inspire the future leaders of Edmonton for many more years to come! Donate now.

Our 15th anniversary celebrations will be going on well into 2022. Make sure you follow the hashtag #interVivos15 to see what we have planned. Thanks for being a part of our journey over the past 15 years. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

The Fall 2021 Mentorship Program is sold out! Join our waitlist for future programs here.

Follow us on social media (FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter) or join our mailing listso you don’t miss out on your next chance to become a protégé. 

interVivos is launching our Fall 2021 Mentorship Program on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. Ambitious professionals from the Edmonton area are invited to take part in the ever-popular interVivos mentorship program. Sign up now!

Our board of directors is still concerned about everyone’s safety, so we will be launching virtually over Zoom. The program will take place from October 2021 to March 2022. Mentors and protégés are welcome to meet in person or virtually throughout the 6-month program for their match meetings. 

Fall is a time to start fresh. After everything we’ve been through this past year, this is an opportunity for you to build new and diverse connections in Edmonton. Become a protégé and connect with Edmonton’s best and brightest. As well, you’ll work on your professional goals and “level up” in your community. Find out more about our mentorship programs by visiting our mentorship page and get the answers to your burning questions.

Here’s what some recent interVivos participants said about their experience:

  • “I loved the opportunity to work through some of the professional roadblocks and barriers I had been experiencing and having the feedback and guidance of someone who had been through similar situations and could help me to navigate them. My mentor also provided me with tangible exercises that I could do to help me gain clarity about my professional aspirations and goals and practically talk through how I can achieve them (or take the first steps). My mentor also has a wealth of knowledge about their industry since they are in a field that I am personally interested in–they had great resources to link me to and networks to connect with. ”
  • “It felt like I could fit professional advancement into my already busy schedule with the flexibility of the program requirements. My mentor was so fantastic, and her success inspires me! Our relationship is a place of mutual learning and respect, and I am looking forward to fostering this connection. We worked through some complex challenges, and I feel like I made some significant progress.”
  • “I’ve been a part of many networking opportunities in the past years, wine and cheese, speed networking, etc., in both the capacity of protégé and mentor. I’ve seen some terrible things happen out of these events because of the power dynamics that are the foundation of networking sometimes. I entered interVivos with very low expectations, but I was so pleased with this program. You all have worked very hard, and it shows! The structured approach and all the thoughts and care you put in from the training to considerations about power, to social media promotion, to the little thank-you’s – it’s all very much appreciated. Thank you for having me–I’ve enjoyed my experience!”. 

The following are the confirmed volunteer mentors for the Fall 2021 mentorship program:

Protégés choose their fee to participate in the program. The fees collected from protégés are directly invested in our programs, events, and non-profit costs. We also provide free protégé spots to local nonprofits.

A reminder that you can register to be a protégé by visiting: Limited spots are available!

Find out more by visiting our FAQ page and getting the answers to your burning questions.

Fall 2021 Program Sponsors

Thank you to our Co-Presenting Sponsors: RSM Canada and Park Power.

Thank you to our program sponsors:

Thank you to our Program Sponsors: InciteVSM PhotoDowntown Business AssociationRapid Fire TheatreCanaJan inc.Token NaturalsFace Ginch Handmade Masks and Doughnut Party.



Be sure to check us out on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to stay up to date on all things interVivos and find out more about our Fall 2021 mentors.   Feel free also to drop us a line at with any questions that you may have.

The COVID-19 virus caused everyone to change how they communicate with each other. For interVivos, it changed the way we “meet” as a board and how we run our programs, like modifying our in-person mentorship program into a virtual one

At the pandemic’s onset, interVivos evaluated if we could continue our programming through a public health emergency. We wanted to dialogue with the community-at-large in a safe and engaging way.

interVivos was fortunate enough to facilitate two mentorship program launches via Zoom in 2020. We were able to connect 23 protégés with 23 mentors in our community. In early 2021, we chatted with a Fall 2020 protégé and mentor to hear their thoughts about interVivos and the program launch.

Our protégé perspective comes from Bonnie Chiu. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2019 with a Degree in Human Ecology and is currently working in healthcare philanthropy. She first heard about interVivos through our posts on LinkedIn and eventually decided to sign up as a protégé for the Fall 2020 Program— her very first experience with interVivos. “I wanted to expand my social and professional network. I find that those opportunities, especially now [due to the pandemic], can be more difficult to come by.” 

We asked her to share more about her experience with the mentorship program launch. “It was a very positive experience for me. I felt there was great communication from interVivos leading up to the event, on event day, and afterwards. It is tough to run a virtual event, but everything was well-planned and running very smoothly.  I enjoyed connecting with everyone— it was the most social interaction I’ve had in months beyond my usual circle.”

Bonnie loved that the event showcased the unique talents and people in Edmonton. “I walked away with a lot of great advice from the 13 mentors during the speed rotations. There were so many takeaways just in that one night!  I’m looking forward to staying involved with interVivos and whatever they plan in the future when they can run more events programs.”

Renée Williams, Vice President Customer Experience at the Fort Edmonton Management Company, was a first-time mentor for our Fall 2020 Program. She heard about interVivos through her friend, Mary Bailey of The Tomato, who was a Summer 2020 mentor. Renée decided to join as a mentor for our first program focused on highlighting Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (or BIPOC) volunteer mentors because she would have loved to have had a mentor who looked like her during her career journey. 

“I have been very successful in the communications and tourism industry, but I often feel like I did it on my own. As the only Black woman in a senior leadership position in the tourism industry across the province, I am a rarity in this field. Mentorship programs like these are important. I want my son to see himself in a career because representation is an opportunity that I did not have. I want to give him every opportunity to succeed, and these programs can help make that happen for people like him.” 

We spoke to Renée about her first-time experience with interVivos. “The launch was very well thought out and thorough. Everything was organized and easy to understand. I was impressed with the mentors at interVivos. Many of my former colleagues have been involved with interVivos in the past. There were also many mentors participating in the program that I was interested in connecting with in the future!” 

Renée was also impressed with the talent she saw in the protégé pool at the event. “There were so many protégés with diverse interests like government, politics, or simply looking to make a career shift. I learned little nuggets from each person I met. The world will be set up for great success if mentors and protégés are interested in making things better by reaching out, connecting, and asking questions.” 

Thank you to all of the fantastic mentors and protégés who have been involved with interVivos for the past 15 years! We are delighted to share the many unique talents and perspectives that our community has to offer. 

interVivos is always looking for protégés and mentors from all backgrounds for our future programs. You can follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) or join our mailing list, so you don’t miss out on your opportunity to get more involved with our organization.

Registration for Protégés is now open

interVivos is launching its Fall 2020 Mentorship Program on December 1, 2020. This Edmonton program will showcase Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) volunteer mentors. Ambitious professionals from all backgrounds are invited to take part as protégés in the ever-popular mentorship program.

Since 2006, interVivos has connected over 600 high caliber mentors and protégés through its mentorship programs. Mentors are highly sought after and come from a variety of backgrounds, careers, and perspectives. They are volunteers who are looking to give back to their community by sharing their ideas and experiences to assist protégés in their career journey. The Fall 2020 Mentorship Program is an opportunity for BIPOC mentors to empower the next generation of Edmonton’s BIPOC leaders.

“It is important to take proactive and purposeful action to ensure that different voices are heard, included, and supported across the spectrum of roles,” says Jason Syviaxy, former interVivos mentor and Fall  2020 launch event emcee. “If we fail to challenge the system, we perpetuate the norm, which means that we wait for change to catch up rather than embracing and meeting it.”

interVivos mentorship programs are offered twice per year and typically begin with an in-person launch event. Propelled by the virtual Summer 2020 mentorship launch’s success, interVivos will launch the Fall Program over Zoom. Mentors and protégés will connect through Zoom “breakout rooms” for group engagement activities, one-on-one speed rotations, and networking opportunities.

After the launch, mentors and protégés are matched up based on their preferences. The matches will work together over six months to learn from each other, collaborate, and reach professional goals. The program runs from January to June 2021, and matches are required to meet at least three times, either virtually or in-person, with appropriate COVID-19 measures in place.

The following are the confirmed mentors for the Fall 2020 mentorship program:

You can register to be a protégé by visiting:

Read the FAQs about our Fall 2020 Mentorship program.

Program Sponsors

Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor: Park Power.

Thank you to our program sponsors: Incite, VSM Photo, Coffee Ring Studio, E & J Watch and Jewellery Repair West Edmonton Mall, Soni Dasmohapatra, JGR Communications, Leaders International, Anne McLellan, Doughnut Party, RSM Canada, and Altitude Investments.

Last year, our friends at the Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC) reached out for our support to pilot a mentorship program for heritage-sector professionals. interVivos immediately saw the value of sharing resources and expertise with EHC and partnered with them to support their goal of elevating diverse voices.

EHC is a local non-profit organization that connects Edmontonians to the stories of their city through leadership, support, and programs. In an effort to build professional capacity for Heritage professionals and to aid with succession and sustainability planning in the sector, interVivos mentored EHC in developing the structure for the program and hosting the mentor and protégé matching event.

Overall, the pilot mentorship program was a success and serves as a great example of how organizations can maximize their resources and experience through sharing.

You can read more about our collaboration with EHC here.

If you are interested in mentorship opportunities in Edmonton, our Summer 2020 mentorship program launches on July 14, 2020. Check out our events page for more information on how to register.