This blog was written by Ellen A. Ensher, W. Brad Johnson and David G. Smith, and was originally published by Harvard Business Review. The nine-to-five in-office workplace isn’t coming back. Remote work is now globally pervasive, and a Gallup survey last fall revealed that working from home — including various hybrid arrangements — is trending permanent. As […]

More women belong on boards.  interVivos is committed to bringing awareness to the need for boards to be more diverse. It’s time for companies to rethink board governance to include diverse representation. Organizations need to do a better job of naming women to board of directors seats. One of our board members attended a Direct […]

Imagine that you need milk, so you go to the grocery store to pick some up. When you get to the dairy section, you see dozens of options. These days, you have to decide on the percentage of fat you want (1%, 2%, skim, etc.) and what source you want your milk to be coming […]

White supremacy and racism are serious problems in our society that harm communities. interVivos wants to be a starting point for allies to become more informed. Some activists have accused people of being performative allies. Performative allies share their knowledge about inequity with others but don’t use their privilege and resources to make real change. […]

The new year is a time when people worldwide celebrate the birth of a new beginning. It’s also a period when many people reflect on the past and resolve to reshape themselves. The interVivos volunteer board is no exception. In the coming weeks, the interVivos team will be planning our events and programs for Edmontonians […]

Many of us have asked our mentors for assistance on career paths, sensitive work situations, and how to stand out and get ahead, but sometimes mentorship matches can take us in unexpected directions. This was the case with interVivos mentor Lorephil Aguinaldo and protégé Bumo Mgabe. In late December, we chatted with them virtually about […]