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What is Intervivos

Get inspired. We’re a group of Edmonton volunteers who are here to cultivate leadership and make an impact in our community. Our engagement events and mentorship programs have brought people together from all backgrounds for nearly 15 years. Connect with us.

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Join over 600 protégés and mentors who have participated in our program. Since 2006, our mentorship program brings together Edmontonians with diverse backgrounds and interests to build meaningful connections mutually beneficial for all participants. Become a protégé or mentor and expand your perspectives and improve your leadership skills.

Community Engagement

Be informed. Our non-partisan community engagement events bring people together for meaningful dialogue and connections. Attend one of our upcoming events and network with expert speakers and Edmontonians on the issues that matter to you. Learn more about our community engagement events.

Blog Posts

How to mentor in a remote workplace

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What we’ve learned about our mentors and protégés

The new year is a time when people worldwide celebrate the birth of a new beginning. It's also a period when many people reflect on the past and resolve to reshape themselves. The interVivos volunteer board is no exception. In the coming…


I have enjoyed my time as an advisor to interVivos.  I have had the pleasure of meeting talented, curious, involved young women and men who are, and will, make a difference in our community.  interVivos provides a meeting place for people, some are new to the city, others not – but interVivos provides all with an opportunity to gather, to share, to learn and to inspire each other (with a healthy portion of fun!).

I attended a mentorship launch after returning home to Edmonton and at a point where I was transitioning in my career. Just being in a room with so many engaged, local professionals was valuable to me.

I was paired with a woman whom I found inspiring on both a professional and personal level. Her mentorship, guidance, and support has extended beyond the six-month timeline of the program and I am grateful to have found a mentor who has evolved into a friend.

As a repeat mentor, I am continually impressed by the caliber of mentors and protégés plus the organizational skills and resource readiness of interVivos. I continue to learn more about myself as a business leader, and the goals and ambitions of up and coming entrepreneurs. The pairing event that launches each mentorship session complements the program.

Thank you for an excellent and inspiring event. As a panelist, I really loved the format and felt as if I was joining such interesting and engaging conversations each time I switched tables. The format allowed the participants to guide the discussion and keep the momentum going. I was honoured to be included as part of the event.

Thank you for putting on a fantastic event!  So privileged to hear and meet with all these amazing people making a difference in our community.